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Copyright © 2018 by WebFinance, Inc. Maintained the production unit by appropriate cleaning and sanitizing. Protect from weather during storage and on job site. Note the seal‐down feature should be in line with the eave. Color blends vary from shingle to shingle. To best ensure adequate ventilation and circulation of air, a combination of vents at the ridge and eaves should be used. Atlas will not be responsible for the performance of its shingles if applied directly to non-vented, insulated decks composed of perlite board, plastic foam, fiberboard, gypsum plank, lightweight concrete, cementitious wood fiber, or similar materials or to any decks with insulation installed directly to the underside of the decking, with the exception of CrossVent® Nailable Insulation. All flashings should be sealed with asphalt plastic cement. Second Course: Cut 5" off the left end of a shingle and apply the remaining larger piece over the first course shingle, need help writing cover letter flush with the left edge and exposing the first course 6". Atlas shingles featuring Scotchgard™ Protector help prevent ugly black streaks caused by algae. Closed Cut Valley: Apply a 36" wide ice & water product centered in the valley, best college essay editing services nailing 2" from outer edges only.

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Atlas designer shingles with Scotchgard Protectorhelp prevent black streaks caused by algae,keeping your roof looking beautiful for years. Key Achievements • Introduced a new method of packaging which reduced operation time by 40%. In this section, you should state briefly what you can do for the prospective employer and which skills you offer. From sorting goods and palletizing products to producing labels and tracking orders, I excel at providing top-notch logistical support to drive accuracy and timeliness in busy warehouses. Nails must be long enough to penetrate the roof deck 3/4" or if the deck is less than 3/4" thick, the nails should be long enough to penetrate fully and extend at least 1/8" through the roof deck. Building codes vary with geographic areas, and the installation must comply with local building codes or shingle manufacturer’s requirements, whichever is stricter. In the next section, mention your core factory work skills preferably in bullet or tabular format. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Deck rot and attic fungus C. Shingle distortion/ cracking due to deck movement D. LOW SLOPE REQUIREMENT AND INSTRUCTIONS APPLY TO NOT LESS THAN 2 INCHES PER FOOT. The deck surface must be clean, bare, gap free and flat.  Pinnacle® Pristine shingles must not be applied to any surface other than roof deck types described here. Open Valley: Over felt underlayment or WeatherMaster® products apply a 36" wide mineral surface roll roofing (with granular side up) or smooth roll roofing centered in the valley. Apply all shingles on one side of valley and across center of valley, a minimum of 12". Deck rot and attic fungusC. Shingle distortion/cracking due to deck movementD.

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Special Design Instructions: For an enhanced appearance with Pro-Cut® Hip & Ridge, use a double layer of shingles. End laps must be 12" (minimum) and cemented/sealed. Eave and rake edge waterproof flashings must be installed per local building codes and where there is a possibility of icing along the eaves and rake edges causing a potential for ice damming and a backup of water. Immediately upon application to slopes exceeding 60°(or 21:12), apply six (6) quarter size spots of asphalt plastic cement under each shingle. Asphalt Felt is to be applied over the old shingles and then proceed with the new shingles as if applying a new roof. Write about your distinctions, what you have achieved so far and what makes your resume stand out. Author: Mark McCracken is a corporate trainer and author living in Higashi Osaka, Japan. SUMMARY Industrious, dependable and highly-skilled professional with 5+ years’ extensive experience in performing manual labor duties in fast-paced and busy environments. For help with your resume, check out our extensive Warehouse Worker Resume Samples. Create the perfect job-worthy cover letter effortlessly in just a few clicks! Nails must not be exposed (visible) on the finished roof. My background includes successfully receiving shipments, unloading goods, verifying invoices, and stocking items while working collaboratively with peers and management to maximize productivity and efficiency. IMPORTANT: Atlas recommends 2" nails for a roof over.

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Physically dexterous individual, eager to perform complicated tasks. Trim off tabs and apply with 1/4" to 3/4" overhang on the eaves. Variations in lighting illustrate the color gradients on asphalt shingle roofs. Solid wood decking must be well seasoned, not over 6" (nominal) width, and fastened securely to each rafter. Operated the machines proficiently and checking the product samples. Immediately upon application to slopes exceeding 45 degrees (or 12" per ft.), uci creative writing summer camp apply six (6) quarter size spots of asphalt plastic cement under each shingle. See Section 8. ATLAS ROOFING CORPORATION DOES NOT APPROVE RE-ROOFING OVER EXISTING WOOD SHINGLES OR LAMINATED ASPHALT SHINGLES. Note: an optional band of asphalt plastic cement meeting ASTM D-4586 may be applied to the rake of the roof with each shingle course to enhance wind resistance and to resist wind driven rain infiltration. The lifetime limited warranty option is only available for individual single-family site built detached residence. Note:  Existing product manufactured with a 39 3/8” width (specified for installation at a 5” offset) can be installed with the new 42” width size format (specified for installation at a 6” offset) as long as you follow the “when mixing product” instructions. All nails must be driven straight with the heads flush to the shingle surface, never cutting into the shingle. If an underlayment is used for prolonged dry-­in, writing custom event log Atlas recommends Summit® Synthetic Underlayment as the dry-­in underlayment, for up to 6 months exposure.

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In-depth knowledge of checking and weighing materials and products. Kept an eye on feeding and running the machines. WeatherMaster® products conform to ASTM D-­‐1970. All flashing should be in place before shingles are installed. Through my experience, creative writing film review I have become highly skilled at adhering to warehouse goals and requirements while facilitating streamlined operations.